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At Ridge Ranch, we appreciate our involved parents and community members. We also enjoy broadcasting our latest news and information here on our News page, where we will chronicle school activities and student achievements and publish announcements. We’ll also offer helpful resources and information. So check back often; we’ll update it regularly.

Kindergarteners Learn About Chromebooks

Students in Mrs. Eileen Palumbo’s and Mrs. Ruth Rice’s kindergarten classes worked with fourth graders on the Chromebooks. The fourth-graders in Mrs. Alison Costello’s class and Mrs. Esther Reiss’ class helped the kindergarteners become more familiar with the Chromebooks by helping them log in and even showed them a learning activity. Mrs. Sandy Amato facilitated the lesson with the fourth-graders and kindergartners. It was a great learning experience for all of the students!

Students practice using Chromebooks at a table
Crochet Club

Group of students practice crochet techniquesUnder the direction of Ms. Linda Lawton, third-grade members of the Crochet Club at Ridge Ranch have been working hard learning different crochet techniques. Students are working on making bookmarks, which they will then sell and donate the proceeds to a foundation of their choice. Students meet once a week to practice different stitches and continue practicing at home with the help of tutorial videos posted on their Google Classroom. Club members are discussing the importance of helping others while also having fun in the process!

Showing of Screenagers

Join us for a special showing of Screenagers. Our children are growing up in a digital age. Come learn what this really means. Join us at West Brook Middle School on Thursday, February 28, at 3:00 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. There is no cost for this event. For more information, check out this flyer or Screenagers movie site. All pre-k to grade twelve parents and guardians, as well as middle and high school students are invited to attend.

Collage Art

Ridge Ranch students love to express their creativity! Check out these amazing collages and see if you can identify their themes. What are your favorite materials for making collages?

Student collage art displayed on a bulletin board
    Hidden Name Art

    Ridge Ranch third-graders recently created hidden name designs. They first drew a shape, then used the letters in their first names to create closed spaces. They chose one analogous color family (colors next to each other on the color wheel) and used watercolor crayons. Then they chose a complementary color (colors opposite from each other on the color wheel) to make their designs stand out. Finally, they applied water to the crayons and created paint. Can you find the letters of their names hidden in the designs?

    Student hidden name artwork
      Harlem Wizard Promotes Fundraiser at Ridge Ranch

      One of the Harlem Wizards stopped by Ridge Ranch to entertain the students and to promote their basketball fundraiser on March 1 at Paramus High School. The proceeds will benefit the Paramus Children’s Health Foundation. Ridge Ranch students thoroughly enjoyed his performance and they especially loved the prizes he gave out.

      Basketball player passing a basketball to a studentBasketball player showing a student how to spin the basketball on their finger
      Students Learn About Safety

      Meliam Gonzales, trauma prevention coordinator and clinical educator representing Hackensack University Medical Center, visited Ridge Ranch School’s kindergarten and first graders. Troo the Trauma Kangaroo, a computer-generated video, explained safety rules for the playground and when riding their bicycle. The children also learned the procedure for dialing 911.

      Photos of Meliam Gonzales and students