Ridge Ranch Elementary
Ridge Ranch Elementary Home

Our School

At Ridge Ranch, we personalize instruction to meet the needs of our students and consistently raise their standards for performance. Ridge Ranch students take an active role in their learning, shaping their own growth in the process. By implementing a rigorous curriculum, we enable our students to focus on goal-setting and self-actualization. Our school has it all!

Our Mission

The mission of Paramus Public Schools is to develop all students as open-minded, lifelong learners who pursue their dreams and add value to the world.

Our Community

We have a long history in the surrounding community. Many of our students are second generation Ridge Ranch students brimming with school pride. From our warm and caring staff to our supportive and involved parent community, we’re one big, happy family.

Our Programs

Some of our amenities include:

We foster student leadership and responsibility through participatory programs such as:

  • Lunch safeties
  • Nurse helpers
  • Respect committee
  • Instrument lessons
  • Friends for Change
  • Various service learning projects

Our Curriculum

Several years ago, Ridge Ranch enlisted Optimal Match, a program that focuses on differentiated instruction, which earned our school the Blue Ribbon National School of Excellence award.